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Russian Blue kittens for sale


This cat breed is believed to have originated from Russia. The Russian Blue is a stout cat breed that is renowned for its good looks. The breed can be compared to the Oriental shorthair and Korat in terms of physical characteristics but it tends to have firmer muscles. It is an elegant, slender, and long cat breed.

The Russian Blue is a medium size cat breed and when it stretches itself out completely, you can see its graceful, long neck, which is often obscured by high shoulder blades and thick fur. This breed has a double coat and this makes it seem like it is bigger than its actual size. Its double coat is one of the most impressive aspects about this breed. Its fur is luxurious, dense, and silky and the hairs tend to stand at 45 degree angle.

This elegant fur made it a target for hunters who compared its luxurious fur to the kind found on seals. It has a bright blue coat that is darker at the roots while the tips appear to be silver. This makes the coat glisten in reflective light. Another unique physical attribute is its eye color. Russian Blue kittens have yellow eyes which eventually become bright green when they mature. This eye color complements its blue-silver coat. It has wide, round eyes that are slight slanted at the top corners. The cat breed also has an amusing smile that is slightly upturned.

Russian blue kittens for sale

The Russian Blue kitten is the best option for animal lovers who are looking for a well-behaved cat they can easily train. You can find many websites which offer these cats for sale, just Google for it. This breed enjoys playing with humans and it is important to make time for it because it tends to appear hurt when ignored. It is a reserved breed but it is still playful. It does not mind spending time on its own but it gets excited in its owner’s presence.

The Russian Blue kitten is a great companion that will keep following you around the house. If you have a family made up of several people, the kitten may prefer one of you over the rest. But it will get along with most people including children. It can be distressed easily and may be shy or nervous around strangers or in new environments. The Russian Blue kitten prefers predictability and for this reason, it is important to stick to a routine in terms of feeding. In addition, it is very neat and will not even approach a dirty litter box.

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