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Welcome everyone!

Lovely russian blueI am Derek, i am a cat breeder for 12 years now. My first cat was a Russian Blue, she is long dead now, but she will always be in my mind. Juicy, that’s how we called her was an amazing cat. Probably because of her i later on became a hobbyist breeder and she is definitely responsible for my love for Russian Blues.

Anyway, i don’t believe you came here to read about Russian blues, you came here to read a little more about me, so thank you that you visited my page and thank you if you still reading this.

What i love most doing is travelling around the world. I have been in many countries and i have travelled to 5 different continents in a period of 8 years. My next trip is going to be something like this Sailing to Antarctica! When i am back on my base, most of the time i read and i engage my self with various entrepreneurship kind of activities.

I had many ventures that failed and i had a few successes as well. Entrepreneurship is difficult and harder than much people think, but it pays of, it is a way to gain freedom. Away from working routines and places. Without these little successes of mine i wouldn’t be able to travel that much and keep doing my hobbies.

To girls notion i am 32 years old and in great shape 😉 . I am the kind of guy who always is seeing someone but never seems to settle. Maybe juicy was the love of my life. 😛 Who knows?

Anyway to end this brief introduction, lately i have started to play tennis. I am still an awful player but i intend to become a master!

Aaaaw, forgot to mention that i LOVE drinking coffee, especially when i am with good friends and my cats. 🙂

With lots of love Derek Brian


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