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Russian Blue cat price: how much do russian blue kittens cost


Have you decided to buy a Russian blue kitten and you don’t know anything about costs, shipping and breeders? Don’t worry. We will clear up everything for you, you will learn everything you need to know when searching to buy a Russian Blue kitten.

What is the Average Cost?

First things first, the most important thing to know is the average price, . If you know the average price you can evaluate the good from the bad offers. The average price of a Russian blue costs somewhere between $400 and $600. With $600 you should have a decent cat and some extras too.

Russian blue kittens cost: kitten picture

Extra Costs

When buying a kitten you should also figure in the extra money you will spend for your kitten

Shipping fees:

This is huge, depending how far from the breeder you live. Because Russian blue breeders are rare it is very possible that you will need to order your kitten out of your state or country. Shipping costs vary from $175 to $350.



Some breeders along with the kitten may give you some extras, such as toys and other stuff. But sometimes, especially if your kitten is shipped from far away, these things increase the shipping costs too much. Anyway you have to include in your costs:

  • Kitten Food $15 ~ $30, also have a look at this: (How Much should i feed my cat?).
  • Treats:$5 ~ $15
  • Beds and blankets: $25 ~$75
  • Bowls and feeders: These depended whether you prefer automatic feeders or just two simple bowls for food and water. See a few online. Typical price variation: $3 ~ $150
  • Collars, Harnesses and Leashes: $4 ~ $20
  • Furniture and scratches: $5 ~ $430
  • Grooming Needs:
    • Brushes and Combs: $3.5 ~ $40
    • Clippers and Trimmers: $6 ~ $50
  • Litter and Waste Disposal:
    • Litter: $5 ~ $35
    • Litter Boxes: $5 ~ $200
    • Litter Box Enclosures: $130 ~ $300
    • Waste Disposal: $3 ~ $30
    • Deodorants and filters: $4 ~ $25
    • Mats and liners: $2 ~ $40
  • Toys:
    • Toys: $ 1 ~$50
    • Toy Boxes:$10 ~ $150

As you can see, depending on your taste and wallet the price can go up really high, to sum all the expenses together to a min ~ max scale, you will need somewhere between $65 ~ $1700 to get your Russian blue the extras it needs.

Veterinary costs:

You have to take in account the first veterinary visit, which should be soon after he or she comes home. Many breeders also include insurance papers with their kittens, it’s important to make sure your kitten has a clean medical record. Last but not least you have to factor the cost of regular check-up visits.

  • Vaccination Cost: For kittens who haven’t been vaccinated vaccination usually costs somewhere between $50 ~ $100
  • Vet visit: $35 ~$50

Russian blue kittens


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As you’ve seen there are many gadgets that you can buy for your cat. Some breeders usually ship their kittens with toys, food and other small items. For those who have your kittens shipped you also keep the crate that your kitten get’s carried until it reaches home. Also some breeders may include registration papers if the kitten is registered in some association and their vaccination status.

Some Final Tips

Check your local animal shelter to see if they have any Russian blues. Animal adoption agencies usually accept donations, and don’t ask for more than $100 for each kitten. Also ask your if they have any referral discounts. If they do and you have a friend or a family member who want a kitten too, then you can save some extra bucks this way. You can also have a look at our sales page, it has a listing with kittens for sale in the end. 😉

Now you are ready to go for kitten hunting. You know everything about a russian blue cat price and you also know all the extra costs you may need/have. Good luck and if you liked the post, don’t forget to share and like.

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